Columns and Towers

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Columns are available in many different patterns including: layers, zigzags and classic spirals. Choose your colors, design and topper to match any theme. Use them for stage decor or highlighting walkways. Floating columns are designed to be sent high into the sky. They are perfect for car dealerships, trade show signs and outdoor decor!

Standard Columns
Standard columns are 5′ tall with a 3′ topper for a total of about 8′. This standard size is $75.00. They can be built higher for $7.00 per foot.

Custom Columns
Do you want them 10′ tall, floating 30′ in the air or Roman Style? then you want custom columns! Some of our samples for custom columns are shown below. Contact us at the phone number or email address listed above for more details.

There are many styles to choose from. Columns are an excellent choice for holidays, corporate events, birthdays and more. Columns provide the WOW factor with flexibility!